Our Farm Animals


We have two resident sheep here at Rescue Ranch UK. Their names are April and Ava and they are Zwartbles. Our girls have so much personality - some days they play hide and seek with us and some days they sneak up behind you and make you jump!

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      Rescue Ranch UK currently have 9 rescue chickens. The majority of them have come from battery farms, whilst others have come in to us due to their owners not being able to keep them anymore. The state the battery farm hens came to us in was appalling but, as you can see from the picture, they are back to looking and feeling healthy. The chickens are very sweet and will come running over to say hello. Our chucks lay the most delicious eggs too, which can be purchased from us.


      Meet Daisy and Daphne, our resident ducks. They are very talkative ducks and you can hear them chatting away from the other side of the yard! Our ducks have their very own swimming pool where they have great fun splashining about. They lay yummy eggs too!